What we do

Main services break-down

Feasibility study

Main component selection, basic design and yield evaluation. Evaluation of the project area orography, existing infrastructures and restrictions, and establish the optimal design parameters to obtain the highest possible performance given the real site conditions.

Basic design

Preparation of drawings, technical reports, calculation and budgets for the issuance of grid connection and administrative permits.

Construction design

Detailed engineering for plant construction including all the documentation and calculations necessary for the perfect definition of the design and its execution on site.

Yield assessment

Production simulation carried out with the PVSYST software in its latest version, considering the standard input losses, and using the solar resource data selected by the client, as well as the 3D scene (Topography and surrounding shading objects) with the real array/tracker location.

Technical Due Diligence

Detailed evaluation of the current status of the facility, operating procedures, maintenance tasks, availability, evaluation of the production obtained vs. expected from the site and list of recommendations to favor the proper functioning of the installation

Civil studies

Civil design including earthworks to adapt fixed tables / trackers to the terrain, design of roads, drainage, Bill of Quantities and all the supporting calculations to define the specific components.